Kirstin Butcher Joins Fusion as a Program Mentor


Three time startup founder Kirstin Butcher has joined the Fusion Founder Program as a mentor and guest speaker! We’re delighted to have Kirstin join us. Having spent the last three years in Indonesia, Kirstin has recently returned to Perth, where she’s working on a couple of new ventures. We’re looking forward to Kirstin sharing her startup war stories.

Kirstin had her entrepreneurial start with Paperbackculture, a company in Australia that allowed hotel guests to order books via room service. Since then, Kirstin has gone on to found three tech startups: Vessel, Jacks Labs, and most recently, Tili.

Jacks Labs has grown to become one of Jakarta’s premier mobile-first development agencies, and also encompasses an incubator program, helping other startup founders in Indonesia build MVPs as part of their company development.

It goes without saying that Kirstin’s favourite project is Tili. currently under development at Jack’s Labs. Tili is a messaging community. With a design and feel that sets Tili apart from all the other messaging apps, real local sticker art (produced by hand), and some interesting hooks in the pipeline that will move Tili beyond messaging. 

Kirstin is joining the program as a mentor as well as a guest speaker. She’s hoping to make a strong case for startup founders in Perth to look towards the Indonesian marketplace. Indonesia’s population of 240 million (50% of whom are under the age of 29!) boasts 60 million smartphone users. That’s triple the entire population of Australia!

We’re really excited to be able to spend some time hanging out with Kirstin and learning from her experiences.