Fusion Founder Program Announces Its First Month Schedule


The Fusion Founder Program unveiled its first month schedule today, including a combination of workshops, guest speakers, pitch training, networking, and discussions. Starting on June 2nd, the Fusion Program runs throughout June, July, and August, and culminates in a demo day.

Applications are open for two more weeks, closing on Friday May 22nd.

The first month schedule kicks off with an intense morning of pitch training, led by Justin Davies, and includes Miles Burke on the pitching panel. We call that a bad cop – bad cop combination…

June also includes visits from Perth startup founders Cassie Fox (iZRA), Mike O’Hanlon (Too many to list!), Matt Harley (Hipflask App), and Lauren Trlin (Buzzy Tasks).

The guest speaker list starts with Cam Sinclair on branding and marketing, and is backed up by Toby Hicks from Steinepreis Paganin on startup specific legals, and Jane Farrow on deciphering digital development quotes.

And on top of all that, of course we have the Atomic Sky team as the foundation for all of the above!

Here’s how it all breaks down:

Week 1
2 June – Welcome Session!
2 June – Deliberate Creative Thinking
2 June – Customer Validation (Sam Mead)

3 June – Opportunity Evaluation & Market Understanding
3 June – Pitch Training (Justin Davies, Miles Burke, Sam Mead)

4 June – Mentor Day – An afternoon of pitching and networking with the Fusion mentors and guest speakers.

Week 2
9 June – Founder Stories: The Story of 6Q (Miles Burke)
9 June – Business Models for Startups (Matt Hewitson, Miles Burke, Simon MacFarlane)

11 June – First Week Whirlwind Recap

12 June – Branding and Marketing 1 (Cam Sinclair)
12 June – Founder Stories: How to start a tech startup with no knowledge of the web! (Cassie Fox)

Week 3
16 June – Early Stage Product Development: The MVP (Sam Mead & Miles Burke)
16 June – Considered Lean (Sam Mead)
16 June – Choosing Between Digital Development Quotes (Jane Farrow)

18 June – Founder Stories: Mike O’Hanlon
18 June – Branding and Marketing (Cam Sinclair & Mike O’Hanlon)
18 June – How to Choose A Scalable Language (Matt Harley)

Week 4
23 June – Bootstrapping (Lauren Trlin & Sam Mead)
23 June – Company Formation and Legals (Toby Hicks & Simon MacFarlane)

25 June – Splitting the Cap Table between Founders (Sam Mead)
25 June – Product Market Fit (Sam Mead)

Week 5
30 June – Pitch Training 2 (Sam Mead, Justin Davies, Miles Burke)