Digital Disruption Expert



Justin has a unique blend of innovation tech business, digital transformation and marketing expertise. In addition to helping many business owners and leaders through Emergination, he is a co-founder in a technology company Prezentt.com, and has worked as a CEO for technology commercialisation startups as well as VP Marketing for another.

He has successfully run a software development company, winning business in excess of $20 million and managed individual programmes of software development and strategic work in excess of $10 million. Prior to these roles, he was an Account Director in the advertising industry working with major brands such as RACWA, ANZ and BankWest.

He is an experienced public speaker and understands digital innovation within business. He is particularly strong at grasping concepts quickly and in turn communicating those concepts effectively.

Justin has successfully served as a director of 4 companies, 3 of which have been in non-executive roles and is a graduate of the AICD Company Directors Course. He is a non-executive Director of GolfWA.