Solving real industry challenges

Agri round table.jpg

How to leverage, apply and adopt new technologies to solve real industry challenges is the driver behind many regionally based innovation businesses. Knowing that technology partnerships and understanding future trends are essential to growing those solutions, eight technology sector experts mentored the growth companies in the AgriStart HARVEST business accelerator.

Key take aways were the growing trend of data driven farming operations, adoption of precision agtech, growing decentralized trading of produce and premium food products.

From the tech development side was the power of the cloud to open global markets, need to keep the customer at the centre of the solution whilst driving your own roadmap, knowing where your solution starts and stops then collaborating to flesh around it, partnering to scale faster.

Thank you to Power Ledger, Amazon Web Services, Microsoft, Atomic Sky, Apps People, Agworld, The University of Western Australia, Decipher Forensics, AgriStart, Ever Nimble, Bungulla Tech