Mike O’Hanlon joins Fusion as a program mentor

Sam Mead and Mike O'Hanlon

Sam Mead and Mike O'Hanlon

Atomic Sky’s Fusion Founder Program is proud to announce Mike O’Hanlon has joined the team of Fusion mentors.

“The mix of talent centred around Atomic Sky – specifically the founders and their immediate connections, represents a collective wisdom that any serious new-business founder would do well to rub up against”
— Mike O’Hanlon

Mike’s entrepreneurial career includes founding or cofounding no less than 5 businesses and startups in Perth: Northbridge live music venue The Bird, event discovery app Hipflask, client facing software house Gramercy Studios, toasted sandwich and coffee cafe Toastface Grillah, and most recently, O’Hanlon Electric Motorsport.

A mechanical engineer by trade, Mike recently announced his candidacy to run for Lord Mayor of Perth later this year. He’s passionate about putting WA’s abundant supplies of both lithium and sunlight to much better use.

Mike brings invaluable insight to the startups he mentors, specifically when it comes to finding cofounders and building teams. He’s the first to acknowledge that none of his ventures would have turned into the successes they have proven to be without solid cofounders and dedicated teammates.

As part of his role as a Fusion Mentor, Mike is looking to work with visionary entrepreneurs to solve pain points in the food, transport and energy sectors.

“It’s fantastic to have Mike on board; he’s a popular bloke who spends a lot of time doing, rather than talking. I’m stoked that our startups will be able to hear his stories first hand as they face some of the challenges in startup life.”
— Sam Mead