Shark Attack! – Tech Hub Resident gets Shark Tank funding

Marc Berryman from Rhinohide

Marc Berryman from Rhinohide

Recently Tech Hub resident Marc Berryman from Rhinohide was fortunate to appear on Shark Tank.

And to top it off, he managed to get 3 sharks circling him for investment into the Rhinohide business. In the end Marc selected his two favourite sharks to invest. This joins the investment he already received at the beginning of 2016 from the West Australia Angel Investor network. See for all information about WA Angel and potential investments.

Rhinohide is like a second skin for your 4WD. After forking out your hard earned cash to purchase your beloved 4WD what are you going to do to protect it when taking it offload? Well the innovative Rhinohide system holds the highly durable second skin panels in place when offload. These can be easily removed when back on suburban roads or if you want that unique look keep them on.

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