Atomic Sky Facilitates Marketing Hackathon at Curtin University

Curtin University held its first Marketing Hackathon last week with an aim to develop inventive ways to inspire future students to choose Curtin as a place of innovation and academic excellence.

The two-day hackathon was facilitated by the team at Atomic Sky.

There has been a marked increase in interest in startups from large organisations as they seek to understand the processes and methodologies they use. The idea of a marketing hackathon is to use startup methodology and techniques to rapidly generate a range of ideas, then to validate those ideas on customers and hopefully come away with a new idea that can be implemented.

Multi-skilled teams comprising of teaching and IT staff from across the University, current Curtin and high school students and agency partners, generated unique solutions to the common barriers associated with choosing where to study. Some of the ideas generated from the hackathon tackled issues of helping minimise the stress students’ face when completing Year 12 study, selecting high school subjects, university courses or careers, and providing tailored events for high school students.

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