Learning from the innovation success of Finland with Atomic Sky

Last month saw the Atomic Sky team host the ‘Finland Australia Innovation’ breakfast, as part of the Executive Innovation Series.

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The series brings global trends and collaboration together to facilitate local implementation, and Finland’s ground breaking movements in both tech and business provides great insight for leading WA entrepreneurs.

Finland consistently rank in the top 5 for Most Innovative Country, and in 2015-2016 did so for Global CleanTech Innovation and for Gender Equality. It is one of the pioneers of clusters of innovation and home of some of the world’s most innovative companies. 

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The event coincided with their 99th anniversary of independence, which emphasised the speed of their economic growth. 

Key points highlighted by Finland’s success included having government support for innovation, and connecting engineers with sales people. The corporate dominated audience were fascinated with some of the ideas shared.

H.E Mr Lars Backström, Ambassador of Finland to Australia, spoke about these points and confirmed that the door is open between Finland and Australia for business and collaboration.

“Participating in the Innovation Breakfast Series is an excellent way to learn more about the ever changing world of innovation and the challenges innovation poses for all of us.” – H.E. Mr Lars Backström

Finnair were a significant contributor to the breakfast, and GM Geoffrey Stone shared his delight in being involved. He said;

“The invitees were exactly the audience we like to engage with and speak to with our products and it was the perfect platform for us to promote our newest product the Airbus 350. Thank you to Andy for organising such a great event, the breakfast and venue quality was outstanding and we really appreciated being there and celebrating all things Finnish and Innovation.”

Interestingly, Finland and Australia are not so far apart in some aspects of tech. Finland has a driverless bus, much like RAC has in Perth. Finland have been trying to make their subway driverless, but underlined the importance of persistence in pushing various boundaries.

Coming up

The Innovation Breakfast Series have provided valuable insight for Perth corporates and entrepreneurs over the last few months. The new year will bring more in the series, including:

January 2017- Building Intrepreneur skills within your organisation

February 2017- Accelerating growth in Asia

March 2017- Innovation Strategy inside Government

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