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Atomic Sky is passionate about increasing the success rate of innovation at all business levels. Blending traditional business tools with those from the startup sector is a proven model globally.  Adopted by companies like GE, CSIRO, Sony, Google, NASA, Australia Post, BHP, World Vision and many others. 

In todays ever challenging business environment, innovation is a word that is often overused but never really implemented beyond that. Every business is constantly under threat from from external and internal business forces. 

In December 2011, Atomic created TechHub as its first coworking space in Northbridge in December 2011.  Two years later we added Studio StartUp in Perth CBD.  These incubation spaces have hosted and helped organisations of every size grow in an environment dedicated to rapid, execution and collaboration.  They are spaces for those serious about achieving significant change.

We facilitate the development of and management of embedded labs, in-house and external incubators, commercialisation hubs and segmented cohab working spaces. These are delivered by teams with repeated success building innovation centers for themselves, for companies and for sector specific organisations.

Employing the systems and methodology from specialists like Studio StartUp, we apply our skills to do this effectively and with impact.


Atomic Sky’s proven Lean Startup approach to bring innovation to your corporate enterprise. Whether you require introduction workshops to our range, innovation services, or the ability to run a structured onsite incubator program to help guide you and your staff through the cultural shift which is required to innovate like a startup.

Leveraging our education IP, our team of industry and startup advisors, and our focus our opportunity evaluation and market validation, Atomic Sky is the starting point of your innovation journey.


We work with your team directly, either onsite or offsite, to run through our 2-day workshops focused on high level innovation techniques. We’ll bring deliberate creative thinking to your business problems in this high energy environment.

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We work with your team directly, either onsite or offsite, to run through workshops focused on high level innovation techniques. We’ll bring some deliberate creative thinking to your business problems. Atomic Sky provides ongoing mentoring and support at both an executive and implementation level to ensure your innovation journey is as successful as possible.

We provide a custom 3-6 monthly innovation program designed for your business or industry to help you reach the goals you set out to achieve, based on our successful Fusion Founder program.

Atomic Sky also runs a 12 month incubator program, which will allow you to filter through up to 100 ideas from your internal staff or external customers. The incubator graduates validated ideas and their sponsors to our Fusion Founders program, allowing you to realise your goals with real world support for our advisory team at Atomic Sky.



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