Delivering outcomes for organisations of many sizes, sectors and types.



CISCO Innovation Centres Australia, Tom Goerke, Director; "The lean innovation program delivered by Atomic Sky was extremely beneficial.  They brought real-world experience, workshop style training and real outcomes. These led to ramping the flow-through of engagements through the centre. It was amazing to bring together Woodside, Cisco, and Curtin staff with a structured methodology.”


Bankwest, Marie Achour, Strategy Advisor; “The experience the team had genuinely changed the way we do business every day. Thanks to the experts, we think differently about the challenges we face in our day to day and we have a whole new set of tools that we can leverage to help us tackle them.”


Australian Smart Communities Association, Daniel High; “I really enjoyed this program and the quality outcomes  I have been in contact with some of the cohort to connect them with businesses in the City of Perth."

BHP Billiton, Kirsten Rose, Innovation Director; “The quality of the presentations was truly impressive, and the business ideas have real potential for impact. To see such brilliant research translated into entrepreneurial ventures is exciting. I'm looking forward to seeing these companies grow and flourish.”


Murdoch University, David Flanagan, Chancellor;  “Murdoch University is delighted with the Start Something programs.  This is an important component in broadening the commercialisation of the University’s world-class research and industry development.”


St Catherine’s College, Fiona Crowe, Head of College; “Atomic Sky have been highly engaged supporters of Bloom since Peter helped establish the BLOOM Board of Directors in 2015.  Atomic Sky’s input into the development of our coworking space and programs has been a significant benefit to the students and young entrepreneurs."

2015 Fairfax WA Innovator of the Year, Clinton House, Founder of Inhouse Group;  "The Asia market knowledge from Atomic Sky was instrumental in our expansion progress into Singapore and Shanghai."


UWA Centre for Social Impact, Claire Stokes, Strategic Engagement & Development Manager; "Atomic Sky has been an incredibly valuable collaborator for a number of initiatives intended to generate positive social impact. They are trusted collaborators who clearly understand the value of impact generating initiatives, always offering authentic encouragement and effective support."


iPREP WA, Dr Natasha Ayers, Director; “Working with commercialisation experts like Atomic Sky and their networks adds immense value to the program and to each of the researchers. We have since engaged them multiple times as they continue to deliver.”