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Impact Through Purpose-Led Innovation

Agile Innovation for Companies, Government, SMEs and Sectors

Atomic Sky is a leader delivering impact through purpose-led strategic innovation.  Our exceptional depth in major technology trends impacting the world transformation initiatives and digital change is a bonus.

The Atomic Agile Innovation Process has helped design, develop and deliver success for sectors, large corporations, government and growth companies. 

Focused on results and outcomes against strategic intent, we help tackle large problems, create competitive advantage and build sustainable culture change through action.  Working with your teams on strategy, programs and or execution, creating collaboration, incubation and impact internally and externally. 

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Strategy, Planning & Implementation

Impact through positive change is achieved through strategy, execution and outcomes.  The Atomic Sky Agile Innovation Process supports your organisation by delivering effective, practical outcomes in those areas.

Atomic has delivered results on innovation initiatives for all sectors and all organisation sizes.  Those results have be achieved through our innovation process frameworks. 

The Atomic Agile Innovation Process is a framework that helps drive organisation success applying agile methodologies across critical performance areas. It engages stakeholders through collaboration and developing skills through action.

Atomic will accelerate impact and outcomes aligned to your strategic goals, capacity and milestone targets.  We help you implement strategy for impact outcomes.

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Ideation, Immersion & Incubation

Transformational growth requires learning, collaboration, adaption.  The Atomic Sky Innovation Practice provides the programs, tools, mentors and domain expertise to execute against your innovation strategies. 

All initiatives are built around  your organisational strategy, innovation targets and readiness. Then delivered via facilitation and pragmatic, project mentoring. 

Atomic's toolkit includes design thinking, lean modelling, deliberate creative thinking, ideation hackathons, accelerators and incubators. We maximise the benefit to you from collaboration tools, rapid development scrums and leveraging expert mentors. 

Atomic have delivered outcomes in the resources, energy, medical, agri-business, government, manufacturing, research commercialisation and social impact sectors.

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Collaboration, Coworking & Community

Leverage our expertise in building high growth products and businesses through customised training, lean innovation tool kits mentoring and collaboration. 

Extend your organisation networks through facilitated engagement reflecting new ideas and ways to connect with our consumers.  

We help organisations engage with startups, entrepreneurs and researchers for new ideas, technology and talent.  Reveal new insights into problem solving, leveraging emerging technologies and supporting teams converting ideas into working products. 

A pioneer of coworking in Western Australia, we continue to operate two of the most successful collaborative working spaces in the state.  The vibe of each space is unique but both provide environments tailored to building successful businesses.